The 3 best dog food for high energy dogs or Is it Good ?

Here I will give you information on what kind of food you dog should be fed and whether it is good or not.(best dog food for high energy dogs)

1. White Rice(best dog food for high energy dogs)

White rice contains folic acid Which helps to making DNA and genetic material in our body. It keeps your body supple. All rice has diffrent types of energy. Brown Rice Contains more nutrients. It’s considered good for your body.

However, in the case of dogs, it can be easily eat white rice rather than brown rice and many people think that white rice is it good for dog. So that the main thing is, eating so much carbohydrate increase the weight of dogs. Commercially way, Dogs food contains carbohydrates. So you should careful and not to give to your dog many carbohydrates.

2. Dairy Product (best dog food for high energy dogs)

There are many dairy products is available in markets such as milk, cheese and pain yogurt and so on ,but the main question is ,is it good food for dogs.

1. Milk is rich in vitamin D and calcium Which helps to keep strong teeth and bones in their body. but the main question is Whether milk is good for dogs or not. So it depends on its owner. It is not harmful to dogs if given in small amounts. So you should careful and not to give so much milk to your dog.

2. Cheese includes Vitamin A, fatty acid, calcium and B- complex and this all things are good for dog. If you have small dog so you should feed a piece smaller than 1 inch because Heinze says, One ounce of most cheese- once slice or 1 inch cube or one string cheese it means 90 calories That’s to much for small dog.

3. Fish (best dog food for high energy dogs)

If We want to make this story smaller than, Yes. Fish Is Good for dog. It is consider healthy food for dogs Because it dose not contains any type of oil and seasonings but the special thing is that Row eggs, Raw meat contains bacteria Which is why it makes convert food to poison and it’s very harmful for dogs. Fried Fish is also harmful for dogs, Just like us. Short lived fish such as sardine, salmon and most of white fish which is best way to keep down mercury level.

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